Охота, самозащита, спорт. ООО Латэк (Концерн САФАРИ)
Охота, самозащита, спорт. ООО Латэк (Концерн САФАРИ) ОХОТА и СПОРТ
Охота, самозащита, спорт. ООО Латэк (Концерн САФАРИ)
Охота, самозащита, спорт. ООО Латэк (Концерн САФАРИ)  
Охота, самозащита, спорт. ООО Латэк (Концерн САФАРИ)
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Описание компании на английском

      In January 1997 five enthusiasts from Kharkov have decided to buy two shops of Kharkov Metal Factory. During a half year the robbed building was re-equipped, was set production equipment and was received Government License for producing hunting guns.
      That was the way how production enterprise LATEK Ltd appeared…
      Since 1997 the first supplier of spare parts for producing shotguns was Turkish Hunting Company “AKKAR”. Already in September were sold first shotguns of Kharkov manufactures from Turkish spare parts. For now –it is thousand shotguns of fifteen different model 12 and 20 gauges in a year.
      Then, in 1999 together with Check firm “Alfa-Proj” was mastered the producing of gas revolver, and it was the base of birth of new model of traumatic revolver “SAFARI” 820G for shooting with 9 mm patron with rubber bullet. For now it is the best traumatic revolver in Ukraine, which steel cylinder allow to shut as with revolver cartridge as pistol patron 9 mm.
       From 2001 our company have developed construct documentation and started to produce sport home simulator in result of close cooperation with constructors. The assortment and quality producing simulators is constantly improved.
      In 2003 It was united developing trade company “SAFARI” and enterprise “LATEK”. It coursed the development of wholesale and retail trade of company “LATEK” in sphere of hunting business. Now, together with manufacture, trade company “SAFARI”, which consist of five retail department in different aria of Kharkov and wholesale department, became stronger and have got new opportunities in developing. In 2005 was opened branded Hunting store “ZBROIA”.
     The wide ranges of wholesales trading and clear work of store department provide us stable reputation among many organization of Ukrainian Hunting market.
    Our products have conquered its segment of market of good quantities together with low price. Clear warranty and after warranty service of our products promote the growth of trust to our firm.
    Since 2004 was mastered the releasing of new revolver for shutting of Flobert patron 4 mm. Now are produced 4 models of revolver with different length of barrel – “SAFARI” RF 420, 430, 440, and 461. The high qualities of revolver provide the constant demand in spite of tough competition on hunting market.
     In 2005 was certified the manufacture according to Ukrainian standards.
     In 2008 was entered in sale the first traumatic gun of company “LATEK” – “SAFARI” MINI. It is the lightest and compact steel gun gauge 9 mm in Ukraine.
     During 2005-2008 was occurred essential re-equipping of manufacture and introducing of new technology for Ukraine in producing of rifled barrels of low gauge. In 2010 it gave the opportunity to begin the producing own rifle barrel of 4,5mm gauge and 500 mm length.
     In 2009 was opened specialized Workshop by company LATEK. Of course it is enlarge the quantities and qualities of service which we give to our customers.
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